Football Drill Demonstration


Pitch Size: 30X50 - Junior.

       Half a pitch - Senior.

Goalkeerper: In Red

Coach: In yellow

Begin the session with out the manikins (Blue). Use tow flat cones to show the goalkeeper where he/she should be aiming to dive towards. In this case two red cones. The coach or server, plays the ball to the near post for the goalkeeper to react and deal with. The coach does this until he/she as well as the goalkeeper are comfortable with dealing in that situation.

The coach then progress's to playing a ball across the goalkeeper, where he/she also must react and deal with that situation. Once mastered the manikins are introduced. This cuts the goalkeepers view slightly. He/She must also get used to bodies in the way for game related scenarios.

The goalkeeper is now unsure where the coach will play the ball. He/She must react by suprise. The coach works the goalkeeper both left and right of the goal.

Coaching points

- Quick feet (Shuffle).

- Step out past the near post.

- Second barrier.

- Lead with both hands.

- Dive forwards (Bodyshape)

- Bock & Lock.

Note: This session can be progressed to a distribution exercise by adding in two mini goals or targets, an attacker (Blue) can be introduced to put pressure on the goalkeeper or to punish the goalkeeper if he/she does not successfully hold the ball.


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