Football Drill Demonstration


We would have 2 lines of players on each orange cone, their job is to dribble through the cones that are tightly close together without touching any. Once past it, there will be 3 coloured gates. As a coach, i will be holding up a cone colour which indicates the colour gate the players have to go through. If i hold up both coloured cones, the player has to go to the colour gate that is not requested. It encourages them to look up and also be quick with their thinking. I would set up the same session twice so that there would be more of a competative factor. In this drill you can also make players use different parts of their feet in different rounds.

Coaching points

-Take you time and do it right

-Look up when getting near to the middle as you need to know which gate to go through

-Make a simple pass to your teammate once past the second set of cones to make it easy for him to go again.

-Use laces when dribbling and take really small touches in the area full of cones

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