Football Drill Demonstration


Set up - 10 players, 8 Attackers, 4 blue, 4 red and 2 GK's. 

Player outside of the box play a 1-2 with their player on the goal line and then proceed to shoot. 

The dashed lines represent a pass/shot. The squiggle line represents player movement. 

Progressions would involve changing the shot technique: Laces, weak foot, placing into corners. 

Further progression would involve adding a cone to the side for the player passing first to run around (game relation is losing the defender).

Coaching points

  1. Communication prior to the starting pass and thorughout. Verbal and non-verbal. 
  2. Accurate passses able to reach your partner comfortably.
  3. Surface of the foot to pass - Side foot? 
  4. Quality of movement - Is it sharp, decieving to opponents?
  5. Shot on goal to score. Should always be on target if not in.
  6. Standing foot - Is it clode enough/too far away from the ball to imbalance you? 
  7. Surface of the foot to shoot - Laces for power or side foot for accuracy? 
  8. Quality of leg movement after the shot - Follow through? 

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