Football Drill Demonstration


Warm up: Ball each for five minutes toe taps/tick tocks & turns. Observation-skill level & understanding) PROG 1: 2 off 10x15 boxes set 20 yards apart with 5 or 6 players in each. Start with 1 ball in each box,Handball pass & move inside the box. On the whistle the players leave there box & run though agility stations into the other box & start the handball pass & move again.(The quickest group win 1 point) PROG 1.Now the players pass & move inside the box with the ball on the floor again changing boxes on the whistle (same points awarded). 10 minutes. Q&A before SSG.

SSG: 2 teams of 5(6) 40x60 pitch with a 15x15 sq. in the centre of pitch. 1 GK 2 Defenders 2 Midfielders (in centre Sq) 1 Attacker. The team in possession attack & the 2 midfield players can break out of the centre Sq to support the Attacker creating a 3v2. If the attack breaks down the midfield players must get back into the centre Sq & the opposition midfield can now break out to support a counter attack. If a goal is scored the GK starts the attack using the defenders by quickly passing out. PROG 1. The GK can go long to the forward to attack but the Attacker must have 1 supporting player in the last third before they can score. 15 minutes. All in game last 12 minutes. 3 minute warm down with Q&A on session.

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