Football Drill Demonstration



- 6x6 square in centre of pitch

- 6v3 in attacker's favour


Reds (att) aim to find their "magic man" in the square, who must play the ball to another attacker or a 1-2 with the initial passer. Yellows (def) are trying to defend the square initially and - on winning possession - keep the ball. The centre square is a safe zone and the only player allowed in is the "magic man", who cannot come out.

The scoring system is 1 point for every completed combination between a player outside of the square to the man in the square and back out (attackers) and 1 point for every 3 passes completed by the defenders (adapt to suit ability levels).


Progressions (attackers): 

- "follow your pass" into the square and swap with the magic man.

- on playing in to the magic man, receive it back and set him out to play openly

- add extra defender to keep a narrow three plus one who can press

Progressions (defenders):

- make match realistic by moving the square to one end of the area, thus meaning they're defending as they would in a game (widen to make realistic to the size of a goal, too)

- add counter attacking gates on each wing to be attacked on winning possesion

Coaching points


"Keep the ball until the time is right" - don't force the play, use the overload to create an easy opportunity.

Make the pitch as big as possible to stretch the defenders and restrict their ability to stay compact.

Tempo - speed it up when it's on, slow it down when it isn't.


Stay compact and defend the danger zone

Take opportunities to win the ball

Force away from the zone (when the game becomes directional)


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