Football Drill Demonstration


Specific trainings for specific positions

Full back trainings – 4 full backs will be working together. A receiving the ball from Red player, passing the ball out to B (Have to be on the move) than B will take a touch and play long ball to C and sprint asap. (C will control the ball and dribble to where red player is, and repeat. (Progression, Defender is allowed to defend)

Centre back trainings – 4 centre backs working together. 2 blues players will be working in the middle. To start with doing some basic passes. So red player with the ball will pass the ball out to left centre back (play little bit short) so he has to step out and pass the ball than shuffle backwards). Than play it to right side. (Pass on the floor, inside volley, knee control volley, chest control half volley, standing header, jumping header. After all the basics, now try to stop the ball going into the opposite red player (pass has to be on the floor) if blue win the ball than gets to swap with the red player. But if ball goes through, they have to sprint ASAP to the red player than come back to the line and face opposite side and repeat the drill. (Progression/ opposite side player comes infront of the 2 defender and now it becomes 2vs2 and they have to defend)

Strikers and wingers training – 4 wingers and 4 strikers will work with the coach. Ball will always start from the coach. When coach gets the ball out of feet, that's the trigger. Both strikers have to spin off and attack the channel. Soon as ball is getting played in, both wingers have to make these movements. Never a straight run. Striker crossing the ball will follow through, but striker without the ball has to get to the edge of the penalty area and try to finish. Coach will always pass the ball into the striker on the edge to strike the ball.
Progression, (play striker coming feet, always opposite side player will come feet but not too low) Soon as everything is done they have to return to their starting point ASAP.

Central midfield training – 6 central midfielders working together. Playing 2vs2 in the middle. Ball will always start from the back Yellow player, and they will play 2vs2 for 2 minutes. Reds will be attacking first and they have to basically get the ball from yellow player and get the ball into the striker (yellow) player and get a return and play a diagonal through pass into the both channel.

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