Football Drill Demonstration


the set up for this area is the same as the previsous sessions, however the area should now be bigger to compensate for the number of players.

the defenders should set up how they would in a game for example rb cb cb lb, or rm cm cm lm. when the ball is played now there should be one pressing two covering and one sitting back covering the cover. as before the defender sitting back should not sit to deep or to high to avoid creating to much space. when the ball is passed and moved so should the defenders and their defensive roles.

  • defenders will deny space and time on the ball.
  • body position, are they side on, are they restricting a pass, are they sending the attacker into a cu de sac or a defensive partner.7
  • can they force the attacker onto their weaker foot.
  • are the covering defenders in the correct positions, can they see the ball and their attacker.
  • communication, who is pressing, who is covering and who is covering the cover.

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