Football Drill Demonstration


Drill Setup:

This drill will require the attacking third of the field with a full size goal and a goalkeeper.

There should be a large supply of balls at the cone of player.

Split the team up evenly among each of the four cones positioned near midfield as seen in the diagram.

Drill Instructions:

Player 1 plays a firm ball into the corner of the field for player 3 to run onto.

As player 3 leaves his cone, player 4 also leaves his cone to put pressure on player 3, in attempt to deny the cross.

Player 2 also leaves to defend player 1 on the cross.

Player 3 crosses the ball into player 1 who attempts to finish on goal.

Rotate players so that they play both offense and defense on all of the spots.

Coaching points

Firm ball to get the ball deep towards the end line.
Quick prep touches and crosses from the wingers.
Good timing on the runs and anticipate the cross.

Sprint to close down the crosser quickly while getting the inside position.
Track runners and get inside position.
Clear balls up and outside.

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