Football Drill Demonstration


Player D is the player doing all the work in this drill (swap after 5 minutes) Player D will start running up to player F and player F will simply throw the ball up for Player D to cushion it back. Sprinting over to the other side, Player D will execute the same header with player A. This is an intense drill and for this reason the players are only working 5 minutes each, resting whilst they are throwing the ball.

  1. Put feet in a wide fencer or boxer stance, with knees bent and weight centered evenly (see a good description below on teaching this stance)
  2. Keep the neck stiff, and use the waist/back to move the head toward the ball.
  3. Eyes OPEN!
  4. Mouth CLOSED!
  5. Hit ball with the forehead area between hairline and eyebrows.
  6. If you hit the ball on its bottom half, the ball will go up.
  7. If you hit the ball on the upper half, the ball will go down.

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