Football Drill Demonstration


The group is split into 2 teams. Each teams lines up opposite one of the goals, each player has a ball. The first player in each line dribbles towards the goal in front of them and attempts to score. The goalkeeper must prevent them. Once they have taken their chance at goal they retrieve their ball, join the back of the queue of the other group and await their next turn. This sequence then continues until the coach informs the players otherwise.

As the players are moving towards the goal they should ensure that they are;

  • Correctly weighting their touches
  • Moving in the most direct manner
  • Aware of where they are, where the goal is and where the goalkeeper is
  • Using the correct part of their foot to make contact with the ball (instep or outside)

As the attacker approaches the goal they should have already assessed the positioning of the goalkeeper and decided upon what the best technique would be to employ to score. The options they have include;

  • Passing the ball into the next
  • Driving the ball with power past the goalkeeper
  • Chipping the goalkeeper
  • Going around the goalkeeper

The second player in each line begins once the goalkeeper has regained their starting position.

Coaching points

  1. First Touch
  2. Approach to Goal - Shortest route possible and Quickly
  3. Assessment of Goalkeepers positioning
  4. Decision - How to finish
  5. Execution

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