Football Drill Demonstration


This game will finish off the session rather than having the 4 goals this game has the 2 goals at either end of the pitch like in a normal match situation however there will be a line marked down the middle of the pitch and in one area stands the defenders of one team and the attackers of another team this will also happen in the other half of the pitch this game also includes goalkeepers which is different to the 4 goal game. The defenders of "Team 1" are not allowed to pass the line in the middle this is the same for the attackers from "Team 2". The attackers and defenders and the goalkeepers will be switched round so that everybody has a chance of being an attacker defender and goalkeeper. Like the 4 goal game this game can have different rules to it such as the ball can't go above head hight if you are looking to get the children to play the ball on the floor or you can also include rules such as "2 touch and 3 touch football" where the players are only allowed to take that many touches of the football. This game will also include floaters on the outside who can recieve the ball from either team and then look for a pass to the team that has just passed it to them, these floaters cannot be tackled and can be used at any time of the game.

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