Football Drill Demonstration


Set up a large square pitch with four small goals; one on each sideline.

Play 8v4 inside the square area.

The team of 4 defends. If they win the ball they can score in any of the goals for a point.

The team of 8 must retain possession of the ball. They can earn a point by completing 8 passes.

Encourage movement and rotation from the team in possession. The first pass after winning the ball back is especially important.

If either team is having too much success or too little success you can adjust the number of passes required for a point, adjust the team sizes, adjust the size of the area or limit the goals that can be scored in.


Coaching points

Coaching Points

  • Create space - width and depth
  • Movement - rotation
  • Passing technique and receiving technique
  • Penetration - furthest pass first
  • Decision making - when to play short

Skill Development

Passing, receiving, movement, rotation, communication, combination play.

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