Football Drill Demonstration


Shielding the ball/ Keeping possesion/ Creating options inspiration- Philip Lahm

Lahm may be an asset moving forward, with a lovely shot and bags of vision, but his determination, strength and awareness on the ball create these opportunities. By consistently be able to retain possession using his body, he creates time, space and allows his teammates the option to receive the ball. His retention when moving forward was key to German success, and therefore a drill encouraging this necessity is integral to the modern game. 

Coaching points

The Drill – You will need: 3 cones, a football, 3 players, a whistle

  • Create a square of approximately 8 yards in length on each of the 4 sides
  • Place 3 cones on 3 of the corners
  • On the whistle the 3 players will sprint in a race to attain the ball
  • The players who attains possession must then protect and keep the ball
  • If the ball is won or guided out of play, the drills begins again

Make sure:

  • The players are not overly aggressive
  • That the players trying to win possession do not gang up on the solitary man


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