Football Drill Demonstration


Divide team into groups of 4 and create 15x15 yrd passing squares with one player in the middle (WP) as the wall pass and the other 3 (P1-P3) on the outside markers (2 balls)

P1 will pass to WP with a return pass to P1 in motion

P2 will pass accross to P3 in motion and a touch pass to WP

The players with the ball not making the pass to WP will always be passing to the opposite player without a ball and that player becomes the next player to perform the pass to WP

Players continue in motion and moving to next place in the square

Coaching points

Builds and replicates the triangle passing that Iniesta, Xavi, and Messi mastered in Barca

Play is performed without a pressure player to perfect the technique

Change middle player every 45 Seconds

Call for balls, pass at the right time, move at the right time (timing is critical escpecially on the WP)


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