Rugby Drill Demonstration



-4 cones in the middle to simulate a ruck 

-3 cones outside both sides of the ruck to set A,B,C gaps

- 6 offensive players (3,3) and rest on defense in groups of 3 


On the whistle the defensive players will fill ABC gaps, A being filled first, and be in a low stance. A gap is in a 3 point stance with outside foot forward. Defensive cadence is loud and synchronized; set, set, set.. 

Scrum 1/2 will relese the ball to the O who are set up in 1 of 2 ways. Ball is trying to get through the hands fast to the outside OR lead player trys to manipulate D to open a hole for the 2 line runners. 

Defense moves to offense and the defense alternates L & R sides. 

Coaching points

  • Tight wall defense filling A gap first 
  • Defensive cadence, up flat as one 
  • Ball security in contact  

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