Rugby Drill Demonstration


For 10-a-side rugby:

Standard Fly Half (FH) wrap move at scrum (centre to right side of field) or in open play.

For open play, set up with 3 or 4 phases of forward carries to work for field position 15m in from right touch.

Fly half (FH) to set up backline positions while rolling forwards.

There will be forwards in the defensive line who can be targeted.

GOAL - Try to open up a gap in the defence in to 30 gap outside centre (Gap #1).

FH takes a few steps forward to engage their cover defender then passes to Inside Centre (IC)

IC runs hard line at inside shoulder of their defender. Primary goal is to attract defener to turn in. FH wraps outside but close to IC.

Simultaneously, Loose Forward or outside centre (OC) runs strong line at outside shoulder of their  defender "D" holding eye contact to turn them outside. 

When defender "A" turns to tackle IC, IC pop pass left to wrapping FH. If not, IC to hold ball an run line. 

IC must convince "A" to tackle them or play will likely breakdown.

Wrapping FH runs at Gap #1 with eyes on defender "D" who is the KEY DECISION PLAYER here.

If "D" turns in at FH, pass to OC, OC hold and run stright with ball.

If "D" has locked on OC, then FH hold and straighten through Gap#1.

Winger must run outside line to keep defending winger out. 

Everyone follow to support ball carrier at Fullback tackle area. 


Coaching points

Timing is everything.

All players in the back line have a roll, which is to convince their player they are getting the ball and to turn the players away from gap#1.

The FH must be tight on the outside shoulder of IC at decision point, pop pass is almost blind. 

Make sure IC knows they are focussed on committing "A" to tackle them. DO their best to get in the way of defenders coming from the ruck.

Outside centre must turn their defender out to follow them. If they dont, then be ready to receive the ball. If OC is loose forward, look to offload to winger or FH quickly. 

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