Rugby Drill Demonstration


Ball flows off the top to 9, to 10. Violence Pod runs dummy lines at #2 and #3 defenders. 10 attacks the gap inside #4.

1 and 2 from the 2nd pod execute a crash line pre-switch with 2 attacking the outside shoulder of #4 defender. 10 has the option to attack, pass to crash runner (2) or the wide runner (1) who will the look to use the ball in space. 

Coaching points

Violence Pod needs to understand principles of a dummy run. 10 has to read field and make quick decision; also be disciplined, not straying too far wide because he thinks he can break the line. 

Last man in Linout hustles across to join support trail or any rucks that form.

Many ways to look for the homerun but this is my preference if we are only going to install one to start.


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