Rugby Drill Demonstration


Option 1 

Deep Right hanging kick off


Coaching points

Defensive Red Team

1. we want to close their space as quickly as they allow us to.

2. stay connected next to each other.

3. work in our 3's around the ball and close the space around the ball.

4.the 4th defender stay locked in to the 3 Defenders closer to the ball.

5. 5th defender stay connected to 4th just in case the ball being sifted to your channel

6. last defender hang slightly to help sweeper cover space at the back in case of a kick in behind our defensive line

Attacking Blue Team

1. Field the kick off

2. if theres space to run into and get momentum then go.

3. if theres time to pass the ball into a wider space then pass.

4. if no time or space then run forward as hard as you can,support players get close to support or secure ball.

5. after ball is secured lets try and look and create new attacking options after everyone had worked back into depth and ready to attack again.

6. communication is key to guid each other into the right direction and we also have to listen to each other.

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