Rugby Drill Demonstration


• 3A & 2D - Running forward in 3 m wide corridors

• A1 Side step in front of D1 , Veer away right & accelerate and pass to A2

• A2 Side step D2, veer away left , accelerate and pass to A3. A1-2-3 turn around and back to stating line

Coaching points

SWERVING• Run towards defender (cone) • Change direction away from defender by veering away into outside space. • Accelerate to take advantage of defender hesitation.

PASSING the Ball • Ball in 2 hands • Target area: Chest /front of receiver • Swing ball across hip • Use full body chain mechanic to control power and direction. • Back hand on the back under the ball • Front hand on top for control • Follow through — finger pointed to receiver

RUNNING IN ATTACK - SUPPORTING PLAYERS • Behind ball carrier - Communicate • Anticipate your role • Hands ready for pass or contact • Keep distance • Catch/pass continue support

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