Rugby Drill Demonstration


Known by many names, I've called it Rugby Netball here, the concept is this:

Players split into two teams in the Game Area. 

Each side of the square is a try line indicated by cone colours. 

Players must pass the ball to teammates until they can score a try at the correct colour try line. 

Players must not move with the ball

Coaching points

Coaches allow play then call out a colour. The team in posession must then get their players in position to score a try on or beyond that try line. 

Coaches should:

  • Penalise movement by ball carrier
  • Encourage teammates to find space and call for the ball
  • Call out coloured try lines


  • Introduce variations on passing e.g. nothing above head height / over arm throws only
  • Introduce kicks
  • Introduce restricted movements e.g. attackers must kneel when they have the ball. 
  • Enlarge playing area to suit numbers
  • Change the ball size/shape e.g. tennis ball

Coaches Could also introduce additional points scored for players demonstrating Principles of Play e.g.

  • Finding Space (GO FOWARD) 
  • Shouting for the ball (SUPPORT) 
  • Ten Passes (CONTINUITY) 
  • Intercepting (CONTEST POSESSION) 
  • Marking the players (CONTEST POSESSION) 


  • Develop this game into only end to end  / End ball type game then...
  • Develop further into full game

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