Rugby Drill Demonstration


Equipment needed

  • rugby balls
  • Tag belts
  • Cones

Set up

  • create a playing pitch (as seen on diagram)
  • White line for half way line
  • Red cones to show the red half
  • Blue to show the blue half
  • Green zone (balls cage)
  • Black cones = Jail
  • Players to be split into 2 teams (RED and BLUE)


  • Red team are to defend the balls in the red half.
  • Red team to "attack" steel the balls from the blue teams Zone and vis versa


  • once players cross the white line (onto the oppositions half) they can have their tag stolen, meaning they head to jail (Black zone).
  • no defending player can enter their green zone
  • Once an attacking player enters the green zone they have 5 seconds to grab a ball and try to return to their half before being tagged.

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