Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Rugby rules apply
  • Tackle = 2 hands on the hips
  • When tackled ball is decked between Ball Carrier's legs (now they are 1st body in contact), closest teammate forms 'ruck' by touching 1st player (2nd body), and 3rd body is the next body in filling the role of the SH
  • On Defence, Tackler is 1st body and forms 'lose' contact with ballcarrier (i.e. holds them) 2nd and 3rd bodies take on role of the posts off back foot of the ruck.
  • Both offence and Defence have 3 seconds to complete the above following a tackle.  If Offence exceeds time limit = turn over. If Defence Exceeds time limit = Penalty

Coaching points

Focus on pace and intensity.

  • Coverage and communication are key
  • square runs important to create space and pace.

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