Rugby Drill Demonstration


SH is stuck in ruck and forwards then direct themselves to pick-and-go to recycle the SH out while paintaining possession. Can be a slow ball to control tempo and possession.

Coaching points

In this scenario, 5 would pick the ball (either from feet or hands in a maul) and peel off to the right.  3, 4, and possibly 2 (if they get out of the ruck/maul quickly) are there to support.  2 Likely will be last one arriving  in the back of next ruck/maul.    We then have 1 and 8 for ruck support.  After 2 pick and go’s the backs should be organized and go to them.  If they are not organized, the first ruck of forwards (5, 3, and 4) should be set up for Support again.

Scrum-Half In RuckPassingRugby Drills Coaching