Rugby Drill Demonstration


2 attakers v 1 defender in a narrow run.

Idea is for the attackers to beat the defender anyway they can.

Once tagged the attacker is encouraged to pass to other attacker for them to score.

Point for defender if they stop them and point for attacker if they score.

Coaching points

Encourage running fast using crazy legs and for 2nd attacker to be on the shoulder for the pass. The first attacker should relax and do a good pass to hands. The defenders should come out quickly and then be on their toes, balanced and ready to tag.

The development zone is to be used for small groups to have more focused coaching. Players can be pulled out of the main drill and work 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 with a coach and then put back into the game. Then more players can be pulled out and worked with.

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