Rugby Drill Demonstration


From base of scrum inside own half as 3 opponents should be deep.

Ball goes from 9-10 loop back to 9.

13 hard line dummy run sucking in both centres cuuting off 10 if possible.

3 options available.

11 runs hard on inside of 9 attacking space created by 13 dummy run.

12 recieve ball from 9 creating 3 v 1

13 receives the ball as the defence don't cover his run.



Coaching points

Passing has to be sharpe.

Communication from all backs is key to creating and finding gaps in the defence.

Support each player after the option is taken looking for offloads. 

Keep the ball alive.

Attack has to start deep in order to create space to run the move.

Return to munster formation if phase breaks down.


9-10 loop is too slow.

11 runs to early/late.

13 fails to sell the dummy run or fails to call for it when gap appears (code word to avoid same)

Attackers run at players instead of into space or attacing weak point of defence. 


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