Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tackle Approach- One In.

Open carry- Defender to ensure he tracks to the mid line of the attacker and considers his own and the opponents footspeed and lateral movability. The defender should be aiming to make an outside shoulder tackle but not in a position to be beaten on the outside. He must remember that he will not be covered on the outside. The next defender is not likely to Jam in and help.

Without giving the attacker the inside shoulder, it is okay to get stepped on the inside as we have built in support.

*If the inside defender has gotten too much line speed or bitten his lead runner he will get beaten on the outside.(Red),

If he has tucked in behind or been slow off the line If he has tucked in behind the primary defender he will also be beaten in the inside.(Yellow).

If the inside defender should is slightly in front and in a good position to make what should be a dominant tackle. (Blue)

Tracking Open Carry- 1 INRugby Drills Coaching

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