Rugby Drill Demonstration


This drill guides the Attacker's (blue) path towards the Try Line. They must run around the slalom and past the defenders (red) to score a try.

Defenders cannot come off their line (in line with each of the cones) however they can move side to side on that line to fill the space.

Once a player is tagged BOTH DEFENDER AND ATTACKER FREEZE - This will encourage defenders to pick their man and get the tags.

Swap Attackers and Defenders and re-run.



Coaching points


Behind the ball carrier to offer passing opportunities
Support your team mates, calling for the ball if they're in space
Run at spaces not faces

Focus on tags
Teamworking with your partner on the each line / picking their targets

Other Points:

If attackers constantly win:

Reduce space available to Attackers or Increase number of defenders

If Defenders constantly win

Remove blue cones / Increase gaps for attackers or reduce defenders

Running outside slalom = turnover ball.

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