Rugby Drill Demonstration


Use this drill to increase HR whilst introducing basic movement patterns associated with sport. (This will make better use of time than 5 minutes of jogging or similiar.)

The five key movements that can be worked on, although there are many more, are:

  • Running forward 
  • Back pedaling
  • Side shuffle
  • Backward diagonal shuffle
  • Forward diagonal run
  • Backward diagonal run

Each one of these also has an acceleration and deceleration component.

Example of running pattern.

  1. forward run from A-B
  2. Side shuffle from B-C
  3. Back pedal from C-D
  4. Diagonal forward D-B
  5. Back pedal B-A
  6. Diagonal forward A-C
  7. Side shuffle C-B
  8. Backward diagonal shuffle B-D
  9. Foward run D-C
  10. Backward diagonal run C-A

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