Rugby Drill Demonstration


Putting into practice their mauling technique and decision makeing on how is best to get past defence. 

Coaching points

1. Set up a 10m wide channel by 15m long. 

2. Set up two lines in a different colours which is where the defense stand. 

3. At least 8 players on each team. In picture we are using 10 players per team. 

4. Split the defense so 5 players are standing on both lines. 

5. Attackers are thrown a ball and they have to attack and score a try any means necessary. 

6. The defenders on the second line can only become live once the attackers pass over the first line. 

7. Once the ball has passed over the first line those defenders are out of play and the other defenders are live.



- Make the channel slightly wider or smaller depending what you want to achieve. 

- Allow the first lot of defenders to back track round and help the second lot of defenders. 

- Make the channel wider after first line to see if they can exploit the change in space. 

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