Rugby Drill Demonstration


For attackers to be creative and make the right decision to score a try. 

For defenders to effectivly communicate and stop the attack from scoring.

Coaching points

1. Set up a triangle 15m x 15m apart and a small triangle in the middle 3m x3m.

2. Have 6 players spread out on the big triangle (2 each side). and 3 players with a ball in the small triangle. 

3. The 3 players in the middle have to score as many tries as they can in 1 minute. 

4. Once they have scored the ball must go back into the small triangle before they go and score another try. They also cant go and score on same try line.

5. Defenders are allowed 3 players on one line at a time.

6. Encourage creativity but remind them of the basics the ball can only be passed backwards. 

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