Rugby Drill Demonstration


Getting the attackers thinking. Encourage following Pass will create an overlap.

Coaching points

1. Set up a 15m x 10m box. 

2. Get the players to split evenly and stand opposite each other on one of the lines between cones. 

3. The line with the ball will start as attackers, and other line will be defence. 

4. 2 Attackers try and score a try without getting touched or tackled. 

5. 2 Defenders want to stop the attachers from scoring. 

6. Let them play and see what they do. 

7. Once the attack sore or they get touched/tackled the ball gets passes to the next 2 in red line. 

8. Red then become attack and Grey become defenders. 


Majority will start and just pass down the line and will get touched/tackled. 

Bring them in and asks questions with what they could do and then put them back into drill. 

Encourge being creative, following the pass, starting differntly, 

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