Rugby Drill Demonstration


Getting heart rate up ready to exercise. Including different exercises to stretch muscles whilst they do so. 

Coaching points

Make a big area and spread loads of cones same colour or multi colour cones right way up and upside down. 

1. Split players into two teams. 

2. 1 team is upside down cones and the other team is the right way up cones. 

3. In a minute or whatever time you like they have to try and change the cones to their way. 

4. Change the stipulations to make it a warm up and can include stretching. 



-Walking   -Jogging   -Running 

-Backwards   -Jumping   -Hoping 

-Skipping   -Crab Walking  -Lunging

-TipToes  -Heal Walks  -Bear Crawls

-Tiger Walks   -Duck Walking 

-Tower of Power   -Squat Jumping 

-Dynamic Stretches 

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