Rugby Drill Demonstration


What to do

  • Players are split into two even teams and start in their half of the playing area.
  • Three footballs are placed behind each team’s scoreline.
  • On your signal, players run into the opposing team’s half in an attempt to retrieve a ball.
  • If successful in retrieving a ball, the player runs back to place the ball on their scoreline (players with a ball can’t be tagged).
  • If a player is tagged in the opposition’s half, they must go to jail.
  • A player can be rescued from jail with a ‘high five’ from a team-mate.
  • Once released from jail, both players must walk back to their own half around the outside of the area, before rejoining the game. > The winning team is the one who collects all six balls or has the most balls when ‘Time!’ is called

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