Rugby Drill Demonstration


There will be three possible rucks that the players will play off. the different rucks will be colour coded E.G. Red, Yellow, Blue

If I call a wide ruck such as Red, the players will have to set up a phase from the ruck either trying to get the ball wide or to crash up the ball. I will see how they first react at to these instructions with out any help and then i will teach them a set up (spears) and see how that can improve there type of play, being more structured.

There will need to be three rucks in three different colours in a triangle shape.

two rucks on the side one on the left and one on the right both on the same line, and one in the middle.

Shape (spear)

the spear involves 4 players the Point, the I, the Tip and the boot, the boot usually the 10 will give a call weather it is a tip, i or magic. a tip ball is when the tip player runs a hard line at the point who has revived a ball from the 9 at a ruck. the point will then pop the ball up to the tip who will carry, the magic is when the point catches the ball and passes out the back to the boot(10) who will then pass it out to the rest of the backs.

Point needs to get his/her body around if the magic call is called this is so that he/she can deliver a good ball to the 10.

Tip and the I should not run straight lines they should try and cut hard lines back at the ball.

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