Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set up grid 30x30m
  • 8 attackers in middle of "pitch"
  • 4 defenders on either end
  • Attackers attack one line, defenders not allowed past 5 meters (white cones)
  • Attackers play till score or interception, forward pass or drop ball
  • As soon as one of these situations occur, the attackers then all touch try line they have been attacking and then attack opposite end
  • Attackers continue this for 2-4mins and see how many times they can score, then swop attackers

Progressions/ Regressions

  • Touch or tackle
  • Add / remove defenders
  • All attackers to receive ball before they can score

Coaching points

  • Atackers must scan and communicate effectively
  • Use depth and width to stretch defence
  • Look at running lines and pace on ball
  • Attackers should try to manipulate defenders to create gaps
  • Good flat 2 handed accurate passing and hands up to catch
  • Ball carrier to carry in two hands

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