Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tackle basics - 1) Falling correctly - Knee, Hip, Shoulder 2) Shoulder in and wrap - Cheek to cheek, wrapping arms tightly 3) Foot placement - Imaginary hoop, tacklers foot is inside the attackers hoop

Tackling 1 - 1 on 1, take it in turns tackling each other and falling correctly.

Tackling 2 - Tackling from knees - 4 defenders line up one behind the other about 10m apart on their knees, an attacker walks towards the first defender who makes a tackle (ensure tackler is landing on top), the attacker gets up and continues through the rest of defenders. Defenders should tackle on both shoulders. All players should attack and defend.

Tackling 3 - Tackling from knees - progression to players jogging at defenders then running.

Tacking 4 - Tackling from standing - progression to defenders standing, start with walking then continue into jogging and running.

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