Rugby Drill Demonstration


This warm up will progressively have more animals with increasing difficulty and intensity. The players must simply follow the actions of the animals that are called out by the coach, who must ensure they are doing each action correctly as follows;

Frog jump: use hands to push off the floor, try and go high and far

Gorrila walk: squat down and walk with hands touching the floor

Donkey kick: kick back feet in the air (make sure and stay in your own space)

Kangaroo: long, big jumps
Puppy walk: on hands and feet, keep head up to see where you are going
Cat walk: like puppy, but try and arch back
Bear walk: heavy and slow on hands and feet
Seal walk: bellies and legs on the floor, pull body with hands (flippers)
Elephant walk: stomp feet and use arms to make a trunk, slow and heavy
Inchworm: on hands and feet — walk feet to hands, then walk hands out, repeat
Crab walk: belly up using hands and feet

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