Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Tackler starts 3 metres outside the 6m x 6m area (to the side)
  • Ball carrier starts in the centre of the area outside the grid
  • On first whistle the tackler moves to the inside of the area
  • On second whistle the Ball Carrier attempts to score a try (in a straight line at 90% max speed). 
  • Tackler makes an effective low tackle
  • Reset the practice – different ball carrier and tackler start at opposite side of area

Coaching points

  1. Close down attacker’s space
  2. Paddle feet on approach
  3. ‘Foot in the hoop’ - accelerate lead foot close to attacker
  4. Make shoulder contact (same shoulder as lead foot) on opponents thights
  5. Clamp arms tight around attacker and leg drive to bring attacker down
  6. Regain to feet as quickly as possible


  • Ball carrier attempts to score a try - adds pressure on the tackler
  • Ball carrier changes direction whilst running - ensures tackler doesn’t plant their feet on their approach
  • Increase size of area

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