Rugby Drill Demonstration



To score on designated try line - Blue team scores on blue cones and Red team on red cones


  • Can pass in any direction
  • Players cannot run with the ball
  • Passes must be rugby passes that do not go above shoulder height
  • Defenders must leave a 1 metre gap between themselves and the ballcarrier 
  • Dropped balls are turnovers
  • "Slapped down" balls are not turnovers

Coaching points

  • Use the space

Game context: Use peripheral vision as opposed to tunnel/central vision and look where there is space on the pithc 

  • Move defenders 

Game context: Identify how to disorganise Defensive

  • Make the correct pass - once you offload will there be space for the receiver to offload again or are they surrounded by defenders?

Game context: Read the game before the next phase

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