Rugby Drill Demonstration


Drill 1)

Basic tackling drill. two blue players have to run around the cone and try and beat the red defender.

Then drill is progressed by 3 on 2.

Encourage decision Making. No pointless drifting

Drill 2)

Player with ball runs in and initiates contact with shoulder against pad. Holds onto ball close to his body until player two cleans out the man with pad, once clean out has happened the ball carrier presents ball cleanly with both hands

Drill 3)

3V3 15X15 grid

Best out of 5

1 ball carrier, 2 supporters against 3 defenders.

emphasis is on trapping ball and creating a maul or tackling player to ground in a manner that turns the runner to the side of the defenders or tackling the player to the ground whilst the tackler get to his feet and steals the ball If these criteria are met the defense scores. If these aren't meet or the attack manages to break defense and score the attack wins.

The winner gets to pic punishment. 20 Burpies, 30 Push Ups, 1 minute Plank

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