Rugby Drill Demonstration


• Grid area marked with cones. Matched coloured cones in each corner and 22 line indicated.

• Set up with 6x defenders on 22 line with 3x attackers positioned in front as if defending a drop out (so marking person with the ball)

• 3x attackers covering rest of 'pitch'

• Ball is thrown over the heads of the front three into the space and players behind.

• Kicking players can follow ball as they would a kick. Rear attacking players must aim to catch or secure the ball. Front players can turn and offer support for following phases.

Phase 1 – To catch or secure the ball. Scan the defensive line for space and launch counter attack (maintain pressure on 'kicking' team). On touch ball must be recycled to support players.

Phase 2 – Original 'front line' players attack from 'pod' or similar to draw or narrow defence. Allow their team to reorganise and set up so that

Phase 3 – Attack the wide channels depending on which side presents best option. Score on the coloured corner cones for maximum points.

Progression – The intention is to try the game with even sides to see how the players perform but can resort to overload principle. Add more players back behind to cover the space and so improve likelihood of securing the ball.

Progression – Delay the support players to make securing possession more of a challenge.

• Body/hand position for catch

• Secure the ball

• Where's the space?

• Where's support?

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