Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up 4 x defenders in rough slalom. Tackle shields are optional. (progression could be to start 'with' then change over to make more realistic.

3x attacking players. Two players on one blue starting cone in front of closest defender. Remaining player on the other.

Progression: could involve different coach calls ie 'held in contact' etc

Player one takes into contact and is supported by player two who receives offload/pop pass. Runs at angle directly towards defender two.

Player three supports player two as the first two but angles towards defender three so hitting opposite angle.

Process continues to end of grid. Defenders can recycle as space allows until end of grid (if longer).

• Ball should be offloaded/passed always to the centre

• Look for support before releasing the ball

• Support players aim to 'hit' the angle

• Call support position

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