Rugby Drill Demonstration


2 attackers one defender and one half back with the ball. Defenders begin on the try line attackers two meters out. Main point of the exercise is to work on ball presentation and body position. Similiar presentaion as in the previous drill main difference is the tackle bag carriers are replaced with actual tacklers.

The half back passes the ball to one of the attackers, who carries the ball into contact. The tackle occurs with both the ball carrier and the tackler on the floor. Ball presnetation is key here, so the ball carrier must work hard on the floor to gaina long presentation, as well as a firm two handed placement of the ball. Whilst the ball carrier is achieveing the long presentation the next attacker enters into the frame, they must quickly follow the ball carrier, and get themselves over the ball, thus protecting the ball from the defender. Now that both attackers have good positions with possession of the ball, the defender can now put some pressure on the attackers to show whether they have good positions or not.

Coaching Points

Perform drill with intensity. At first contact aim to go in low leading with the shoulder, aim to go forward in contact. Tackler must perform good clean tackle with emphasis on stopping the ball carrier crossing the gain line. Good long presentation from first attacker, two hands on the ball facing on coming attacker. Second attacker adopts a squatted position low to the the first attacker with both elbows and forearms on the ball carrier.

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