Rugby Drill Demonstration


Breakdown Drill

6 Players - 4 attackers, 2 Defenders


  1. Attacker - ball carrier inot contact, runs to middle, takes pass from Cleaner (half), nuns straight at cone, rounds either side to make contact with bags
  2. On contact Attacker drives into bags square, scores try.
  3. Brawler - drives through over ball to clean out defenders
  4. Cleaner - either goes into contact to assist Brawler to secure ball, or plays half to pass ball from ruck to Checker
  5. Checker - will either go in to prevent counter ruck, play half or first receiver

Key Points:

  • Players to make contact square
  • Brawler, Cleaner to enter ruck through gate
  • Drive to be past ball
  • Quick ball from ruck
  • Support players ready for drive or pass


Added Contests

  • Add defenders to counter ruck

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