Rugby Drill Demonstration


 Pass the Ball drill

Coaching points

Pass the Ball drill and catch the ball drill in one

Start of by asking all the players if they have the correct grip on the ball.


Simple drill, every 3rd player has a ball, they pass it to the player on their left, then that player returns the ball to the player that passe3d it to them.


Tech points

hold the ball in a downwards direction with your arms away from your body and a slight bend in the elbows.

The ball should be passed from the outside hip,with the same leg out front, so if passed to the left the pass starts from the outside of the left hip.

The ball should be passed across the ball carrier body, to the receiving players direction and just in front of them so they can catch the ball in front of their vision so they can see the ball coming as well as see the defence coming.

Catching we should promote the 'W' way of preparing to catch a ball, the ball should be caught in front of you not on the chest.  

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