Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set up 2 channels, one with staggered cones for the players to use as pointers, then an open channel next to it for the kids to run and pas down to check learning.
  • Players to work in pairs.
  • Player 1 (blue) starts with the ball and player 2 (grey) will start by running on to the ball.
  • Once Player 2 reaches their next cone, Player 1 will then start running to receive a flat pass and then stop on their next cone.
  • This process to be repeated until they reach the end of the channel.
  • Once they reach the end, the players are to run down the channel at the side, passing and running as they go, and then resume starting positions/join the back of the lines.

Passing in front of teammate who runs on to the ball.zPassingRugby Drills Coaching