Rugby Drill Demonstration


3 different coloured cones for coach to call colours.

Each group of tacklers make 4 lots of tackle and rotate around.

3 tacklers in middle area wait for coaches call while paddling on their feet.

If coach calls Blue, tacklers get off the line and make a 3 man tackle with 3rd man poinning knees.

If coach calls white, tacklers tackle aggressivley, lift 1 leg and drive player back past his cone and on his back.

If coach calls yellow, the 2 outsdie tacklers make a 1 on 1 tackle to their side taking player to the ground. Middle person makes a decision and assists to make a 2 man tackle.

All ball carriers must run aggressivley aiming to win the play the ballk or get past the tacklewrs line.

Coaching points

Ball carriers must run hard on coaches call. Dont wait for tacklers to be ready.

Tacklers need to be aggressive getting back to their line and paddle ready for the next call.

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