Rugby Drill Demonstration


Player 1 and 2 are attackers

Players 3, 4, 5 are tacklers.

Perform a 3 man tackle. 3rd man in tackles the legs.

After tackle is completed, players rotate. P1 goes to a tackler, Player 3 becomes an attacker and the rest shuffle along and rotate positions along their line.

Coaching points

P1 can pass or dummy and run himself.The tacklers must not allow attacker to get over the line they start on.

All tacklers first steps should be forward and then across.

First 2 players to the tackle take upper body. When they have control of the ball call 'control'. 3rd man in then pins the legs. Top players wrestle player to the ground. 

Retreating from the tackle: Player on the legs gets off and into position. He must inform his other tacklers he is 'off'.

Player on top gets o next and into marker, tells other tackler 'off'. Last tacler gets off and to marker.


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