Rugby Drill Demonstration


8 picks up and draws 7 and 8. Short pop pass to 9 who draws the 10 down the short channel. 9 pops out to 12 who will be targetting the outside shoulder of the 10 on a crash ball line. 15 and 11 to make supporing runs on opposite side of the scrum whilst the 10 supports behind the 12 runner. 13 to take the channel to the right of the 12 in case of offload or support if needed.

-Scrum on front foot

-8 to take the running line attempting to draw in opposition 7 and possibly 8 trying to make the gain line.

-Pop pass to 9 taking the pass on the 8s left hand side

- Inside centre to take crash ball from pop pass of 9.

8 to 9 going leftRugby Drills Coaching

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