Rugby Drill Demonstration


A game of touch played within the try line and 22.

- if the ball hits the ground its a turn over.

-When the coach blows the whistle he shouts out a colour, then the team with ball sets up a ruck at that colour cone.

- the whilst the other team holds a defensive line 5m in front of them.

- 5 Touchs then turn over.

- Kicking is aloud however if the ball hits the floor turn over.


Handling drill, then 2nd person in the line leaves once the first person has made it to the cone, and so on and so on when the 4th person gets the ball he pases back down the line.

3rd and 4th person can then do a switch at the end.

1st, 2nd and 3rd can do a reverse, 3rd runs the hard line into 2nd persons channel, 1st misses 3rd and passes it 2nd in the 3rd persons channel. 


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